Coastal Brown Bears Differ From The Interior Grizzly

I have a calander called grizzly and pictured on it, in most cases, are coastal brown bears…is there a difference…yes! There is an awesome photograph in the month of October that shows the difference as far as I am concerned. What looks like a large bear is shown, and the bear looks to weigh about 4-500 pounds…a seemingly hefty bear. If it was an interior grizzly it would be large bear. An older male bear would be full of scars. The bear, if it is a coastal brown bear male, will be over 1,000 pounds if it lives past ten years of age. If it is a coastal brown bear its a medium bear in size… and probably a young adult male bear. I think it is a young adult male. What gives this bear away is it’s lack of scars. I am glad the person who photographed the bear photographed a bear with ears perked up saying I am curious but in Alaska, mostly, I have seen bears like this one doing a lot of damage, or scaring people, including me, as the bear rushed foward to investigate…you want to see a bear like that investigate and then turn tale and run away as I have a half a dozen times. The bear in the photo will be big if it is a male and survives its many fights, mostly with bigger bears looking for girlfriend bears and they are all scarred up and dragging a belly full of fish from a prime fishing hole in some stream. Interior grizzlies look and behave and eat very differently. No one looks that closely at a calender, but I do.


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