Wind Power And Wildlife; A Potential Dilema

The front page of the Bozeman Chronicle had an article that featured the dilema of confronting the development of windpower that a person like me faces on a daily basis. The article features a retired Montana State University proffesor, who for a lot of reasons (see the article), is a big supporter of using windpower but opposes a proposed wind power development that may discourage golden eagle nesting on his land, something his father studied back in the sixties.

A few things occur to me: 1) from everything I have read we as a society have to stop using fossil fuels such as oil and coal.
2) Wind power is a viable form of renewable energy in places like Montana, one of the top places for wind energy development.
3) Wind energy can be developed in Montana now with very little conflict with wildlife use. An example where proposed wind energy development might conflict with wildlife is Kevin Rimms, where a proposed wind site might harm nesting Ferruginous Hawks; a species of special concern…wind power does not have to be developed in that important wildlife site.
4) Wind Power in this area (of article) will be developed in spite of wildlife and by bankers on Wall Street, who have never developed windpower. No wonder there is opposition.

What seems problematic to me is that wind power can be developed now with little impact to wildlife…and windpower should not just ignore what is already on the ground as the projects go forward. This can be done! Do the windpower energy developers have the nerve and sense to develop this resource right…I say now is the time to do things right.


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