Conjecture About Species Of Animals That Have A Great Chance Of Killing Us

In ths current edition of Bozeman Outside there are four species from the past that the article conjectures about hunting each species.

First of all there is no reason to hunt each species but if you do here is a possibility. There fictional hunter hunts Tyrannosaurus Rex.

My guess is that modern hunting impliments would not kill this large beast and would enrage the Rex to the point that the dinosaur would track down the hunter and kill the hunter if the dinasaur could find the hunter.

Next they have a hunter hunting a wooly mammoth. The hunter has little room for error or he might get stomped by the elephant.

Then they have a Saber toothed Tiger, a species that is killed by a large rifle and a well placed shot, but like its counterparts this is a beast that tastes bad like the large cats of today. If your shot is misplaced the Saber toothed cat has the capability to kill its stalker.

Then there is a Giant short faced Bear, also done in by a large rifle…again a well placed shot is very much needed. The food value of this bear is marginal. This is a huge counterpart to the brown bear, and it can kill you if you wound it with a marginaly placed impilment.

None of this matters because the 4 species discussed in this article are extict. So whats next…I do not know…I only no it is fun to conjecture about killing these 4 species that have a propensity to kill us.


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