More On NRDC’s Switchboard Blog By Matt Skogland On The Whitebark Pine

In Matt Skogland’s Swichboard Blog for the NRDC Skogland shows some very sobering photos of dieing Whitebark Pine stands literally in my wild backyard. The photos to me are deeply sad and I think the NRDC strategy of pursuing an endangered listing for this species is right on…

Another thing that occurs to me is that wildlife oficials are now saying that the loss of the Whitebark Pine Nut as a food source for the grizzly will have little or no effect on this subpopulation of bears (Yellowstone). This is nothing short of preposterous. It is imperative to remind the “officials” that some of the best data on the interelationship of the grizzly and the Whitebark Pine came from their own scientists (FEDS!). Should we now choose to ignore this data?
Matt (not Skogland)


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