“Junk” Science…Not!!!

I read a Scientific American article about rising sea levels and it was based on hardcore science. The word I hear often for this type of science is “junk” science. This word is used by naysayers of global warming to minimise the impacts of global warming I do not think the science I read was based on “junk” science. The science behind the article was about global warming and it was hardcore science.

The science was based on a series of measurements that showed in a short period of time sea levels would rise by 19 inches.

So what are the implications?

My first thought was of a wild and quickly changing landscape. There is a pass in the Everglades National Park that is 36 inches above sea level. 19 inches of that would be inindated with water in a short period of time with the rise in sea level if it occurred in that area and that was one of the areas where the sea level rise was predicted.

The area being studied for rising sea levels had beaches that were studied by the “junk” science and several billion dollars of real estate were also studied for rising sea levels.

The implications of the study were that we would lose the beaches that made the area’s real estate valuable in the next 3 decades as showed, without an expensive program to mitigate rising sea levels the area of valuable real estate would soon be lost to rising sea levels if something was not done to mitigate rising sea levels….so we either put in the valuable programs or lose the valuable real estate to a flooding environment.

“Junk” science, I think not. Predictive science, I think so. I have seen numerous examples of this science. I would not consider this junk and I have seen this science from Greenland to Montana to the Amazon and down to the Antartic.

The folks who call this “junk” science are really not scientists and are not paying attention, by choice, to a phenomina that will change the earth we know…

WARNING! Do not follow these naysayers over the cliff.


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