At What Point Does An Annecdote Become Reality?

I saw a flock of Snow Geese fly over my head today on their way to Northern California.

There were over 200 geese in the flock. They sure were noisy and they flied in a huge V formation.

Usually I see snow geee headed South about November 5. I have for a very long time and watched for the geese this year without any luck…

The very first thought that occured to me is that these geese may be responding to a changing climate…now that is strictly opinion on my part. My time is liited and I dont have a baseline for the flyovers here of the geese so it is not going to be proven and will remain annecdotal…At what point does annecdote become reality? Because most annecdotes around here point to a changing (warmer) climate, around here for sure.


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