The Global Warming Message; Half The Battle

I look up in the mountains around here and I can see large stretches of what has been nicknamed “ghost forests”. A “ghost forest” is a pine forest that has been devistated by pinebark beetles…and experts say this is caused by global warming.

It is cold out today and if I use the last 3 days as my barometor I would be hard pressed to say tha global warming is occurring but over a three decade period I can honestly say that it is warmer now than it was in this town thiirty years ago by a noicable amount.

I have been borne out to be telling the truth by hard data, and eventhough in a fourteen year period I have seen entire forests ravaged by pine beetles I dont want to get ahead of the data that actually determines this.

Data from this area is now showing a decreasing snowpack, a higher incidence of wildfire, and a proliferation of exotic plants.

I know these problems are seen over a forty year period so most folks do
not see these as problems at all.

This is very frustrating for people like me because you know global warming is happening but because most people dont see it happening they will not make the necassary changes to mitigate for it.

They feel a pinch on their pocket book and are willing to make a change because this has an impact almost immediatley.

So how do you get folks to change their habits when they cannot see a rising sea level, an increase in wildfires a decrease in snowpack. Most folks I know will not read a Scientific American article about data points that support an increasing trend line for these things that support global warming and you are not going to find those articles in People Magazine.

Getting the word out on global warming and getting it accepted is half the battle…what is the next step?



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