This Town Is Loaded With Climate Change Allies

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, my paper, had an opinion piece on global climate chhange a very pro opinion piece, yet I could not find the piece to reprint it.What I liked about the piece is that it shows that I am not alone in my awarness about global climate change around here…
The signs of the climate changing are to be seen here all over and that was the point of the opinion. The piece is written by what I call a fun hog and I for one thought this area, loaded with fun hogs, was oblivious to signs of a changing climate it was actually refreshing for the know-it-alls, like (I only hope the know it alls know this) myself to know that we have allies, good ones, in the fun hog sector of Bozeman; a sector that tends to be apathetic about things like the problems caused by a changing climate…
That may effect the fun hog sector as they try to ski on slopes that have a much reduced snowpack: for whatever reason we have more in common on climate change than not so lets put our heads together and see what shakes out.


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