More On Rising Sea Levels And Heat

This is from NRDC-Thank you. Sobering information.
We covered the sea level rise issue, with some new data, in the report we issued at beginning of Sept on National Parks and Climate risk with the Rocky Mtn Climate Org.

“But Jamestown Island, the site of the original 1607 settlement, is low enough to be completely inundated by rising seas and tidal waters — even if the waters do not rise as much by the century’s end as now seems most likely to scientists. Jamestown is also likely to become intolerably hot for many visitors for long stretches of the summer. This was a record-setting hot summer in Jamestown — but in the 2080s in a higher-emissions future, the average summer could be twice as much above historic temperature levels as was this last, hottest-ever summer. “

“Last year, 3.3 million people visited Colonial National Historical Park, which includes Jamestown and the Yorktown battlefield. That is more than visited Yellowstone National Park. “For Virginia, climate disruption is a jobs-killer,” said Stephen Saunders, president of RMCO and principal author of the Virginia report. “Later this century, people won’t come to the James River to see where Jamestown used to be.”


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