Cancun Climate Talks on last day of negotiation, December 10, 2010

Thank you for the update NRDC staffer.

Negotiators at the COP 16 Climate Talks in Cancun have been working furiously to refine the final package. Now, as of noon on the final day of the two week meeting we are waiting for the newest version of the text to be released. Last night country delegates hovered over the text discussing the fine points of the potential outcome throughout the night. The lucky people like me made it home around 1 am. But the country delegates were too busy to sleep at all. They were working on all of the elements: clean technology, building resilience to climate impacts, and recording emissions reductions pledges to encourage further ambition. Emissions reductions and monitoring those actions remain central to the discussions but another crucial element is the Global Climate Fund which will be essential for the balanced package.


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