Gradual Climate Change

I am interesred in the changing landscapes as climate change sets in…this goes hand in hand with the concept of gradualism which lets the naysayer’s nay.
As an example you have shorelines that are going to disappear, but over a long period. It does not happen in an instant as you might see in a popular movie…nature is usually gradual, not dramatic, but we are talking fast in natural time.
I look at things like a dying food source for grizzly bears or a change in wildfire regimes or changes in perciitation, I am reading now in OnEarth magazine in an article about Peru’s percircipitation, in my area it may come in the form of snowpack or groundwater. There are noticed changes in bird migrations but none of this happens overnight…did I say gradualusm…I sure ment to. Natural changes in climate are occurring fast, though gradually over time.


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