Huge Problems, Including Climate Change, Loom For The Great Serengeti Plains, Why Are We Even Waisting Our Breath On A Highway Their

The great Serengeti plains of Tanzania and Kenya, Africa are home to the worlds largest remaining wildlife migrations. Wildebeast, zebras and Thompson’s Gazelles, almost 2 million strong, migrate in these plains. Predators like the Nile Crocodile, African Lion, spotted hyena, hunting dog and so on, do kill their share of these animals as they migrate and each year many tourists will see this amazing vestage of the earth.
The area has many problems now like deforestation of headwater forests, but climate change will devistate what is left of this area and its migrating wildlife. The Tanzania government wants to punch a highway through the northern Serengeti…what a waist of scarce funding…so misguided and not at all needed.
Rivers like the Mara and Grumeti might stop flowing and numerouse wildlife, I mean numerous might die as a result of dried rivers resulting from a warming climate.
The Serengeti is already a warm place with a warmer climate meaning choked off for us and the wildlife that lives their now and is visited every year by a thriving tourist trade that wants to see great migating herds of wildlife that are no longer seen on our earth..a highway through this…not with so many huge problems for this area on the horizon.


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