Savanah Dreaming

A Savanah is a grassland where trees are small and not heavily stocked, like a forest. Savanah’s do occur in states like Montana (my home) and states like Wyoming, but the prototype of a savanah that I saw was in Eastern Africa, a savanah that at times seemed filled with wildlife.

My thinking is that the world is getting warmer as the climate we have has constantly rising temperatures. I would say great savanah’s, like much of the Serengeti , will turn into deserts as the climate warms and much of the wildlife we associate with great savanahs will be gone…I have read that 400,000 individual animals will die in a ten year period; thats a huge number in a decade.

I did not walk in the African Savanah because I read that it is inhabited with poisonous snakes and I am not sure what etiquette to use if I run into a pride of lions or pack of hyena’s or run into a leopard and while in Eastern Africa I saw all of these.

The savanah I saw over their was full of wildlife and I am glad saw it. I would gladly go again if I could, but I am glad I went and sad that over time it may become a mortality sink for wildlife and on some levels it allready is…


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