Tundra Walking Dreams, Thats What They Are Now

Happy New Years all. My plan is to sit around and watch football…ho,hum…but it sounds like fun.

I want to talk here about something I did not like but I feel its days are numbered because of global climate change.
Walking on tundra can be a real threat as you walk over uneven terrain that is usually spongey.

I have hiked on tundra in Alaska and Northern Canada usually in a rubber boot called a Red-Ball.

This is one of those irritants in life that I definitely miss for I am not willing to do it anymore, I just cant and I believe tundra walking days are numbered by a melting perma frost, warming climate and so on; it will not happen overnight.

I remember hiking over tundra and accidentally stepping on a shorebirds nest…yes I was mortified. I remember walking on tundra and overhead Northern Lights danced and it was cold…bone chilling cold. I once found a frozen mammoth sticking out of a bank in the tundra and yes I did report my find to a University paleontologist and twice I packed a lot of meat on the uneven terrain of tundra…no bears but a nosy wolf followed me trying for a scrap of meat but the wolf never got a scrap from me.
Those days were special, but my tundra walking is in my past and now one of those little items whose days I believe for all are numbered by a changing climate…

Tundra walking you will be missed.



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