Another Climate Change “Must Read”

There are several books about global climate change that I see as must reads. These books include, Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman and the Weathermakers by Tim Flannery and there are many others.
I see the debate over climate change as heating up (again) in the US and one of the biggest naysayers in the US as Senator Coburn, from Oklahoma, and he may jade a constructive US view on a very important topic for his ulta conbervative, weird reasons.
Now there is an easy read out there entitled, Clean Energy Common Sense by Frances Biencke with Bob Deans…This supplies a good reason to get to know an issue that impacts all of us and that is already having negative worldwide ramifications…did I say easy read…well this is an easy read that you will not find long and convoluted. Read this book-so simple and a good rationale to not follow the Coburns of the world over the cliff to a a tipping point on climate` change.
This is a must read in a world where Lindsay Lohan is queen, Prince Andrew will soon be a king and that has a hard time reading anything, but read this easy one.


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