Another Good Book On An Ever-growing List Of “Must Reads”

The book, In Deep Water, by Peter Lehner dissects the gulf oil crisis, the 2010 and way beyond, environmental crisis. Lehner also disects our well known US oil addiction and how we become unadicted to the fossil fuel-oil.

Two thoughts immediately come to my mind about this…this is very complicated for us but a “must do”, and getting unadicted to oil will require us to forgive ourself many indiscretions we had our fingers in.

Two examples come to mind: 1) the Cheney Energy task force-a major reason from my perspective to really mistrust the Bush Administration on most things and 2) the fact that the US military is the major user of oil…this is one of the paradoxes of the world.

Lehner really hits a key when he writes: That as oil consumption continues to rise, such friction (competition for oil supply) seems bound to increase. Either we will find a way to grow our economies together without using so much oil or we will be forced to compete such friction will increasefor a resource that is becoming scarcer. My thinking on this is that the choice is a no brainer.


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