A Close Encounter With An Ursine

Did you know I worked close to Brown Bears for 18 years and here is an interesting story about them. Up in southwest Alaska Brown Bears eat salmon and are often seen near water.

Myself and my then wife, Loreene canoed along the shore of Portage Lake in the Kodiak Archepelego. It was very early. Just over a sandy nob we heard some crunching, then a large bear emerges from the mist about 10 yards from us. I had to stifle an insane gigle as my then wife looked back at me, crouched down and whispered should we be this close and I not knowing what to do and I sensed then was not the time to show are cards and be excited looked at my then wife and answered “No”, in a whisper…The bear just padded down the shore of the lake.

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