The Serengeti Boondoggle

I am concerned about the great mammal migrations of the Serengeti Plains of Eastern Africa. I belong to a group called Serengeti Watch. The sole purpose of the group is to stop a highway (now a proposal) from being put through the northern portion of the Serengeti Plains. Experts believe that the current migrating population of Wildebeast, 1.3 animals (amazing), will go to 200,000 Wildebeast and the migration will stop.

It was the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine when visiting th Serengeti in 2007. I saw lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, black rhinocerus, cape buffalo, zebra, wildebeast, savanah baboons, Thomoson’s Gazelle, impalas, dik-dik, warthog and many other mammals and about 300 new birds in the Serengeti.

We came in the middle of a zebra migration and we saw 10,000 plus zebra and from the plane we saw over 100,000 wildebeast. The Serengeti plains were a wildlife fest and this coming from a man who lives a leisurly drive from Yellowstone National Park.

I see putting a highway through the Serengeti as a huge waste of funds in a part of the world that needs funds for a lot of reasons. Lets put an end to this boondoggle and get priorities straight in Tanzania.

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