Ramshorn Lake-Fine Memories

I saw a map, minutes ago, of the Hyalite, Porcupine, Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area; a rugged, mountainous area just south of Bozeman, Montana. This Wilderness Study Area includes the Hyalite peaks in the Northern Gallatin Range and evoked many good memories for this author.

One memory is of Ramshorn Lake. This lake is loaded with Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout and I caught my share of the trout and fed many groups with those trout.

I woke up many mornings along that lake shore and glassed the steep country above the lake. On one morning I saw elk in the steep country above the lake. I saw bighorn sheep up there. I also saw one black bear about 10 grizzly bears, one lion and one wolverine.

The Eastern side of the mountain is loaded with petrified wood.

The area now, I am told by aclose friend, is covered with beetle killed Whitebark Pine, an artifact of global warming. Its kind of like an old friend being scourged by cancer…I am so glad to not see such a fine place, with many good memories despoiled.


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