Keep Shell out of the polar bear’s home

From the NRDC Biogems
The Shell oil company is pressing ahead with a new plan to begin drilling this summer in the Beaufort Sea, just off the coastline of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As America’s largest onshore birthing area for polar bears, this fragile shoreline would be devastated in the event of an oil spill. Oil-covered polar bears stand virtually no chance of survival, and beluga whales and other Arctic wildlife would face a similar fate. What’s worse, Shell is relying on an oil spill response plan — created and approved before last summer’s Gulf oil disaster — that is outdated and woefully inadequate. There is NO proven technology for cleaning up oil in ice-filled waters like the Beaufort. With the Obama Administration under tremendous pressure from Big Oil to allow new drilling in the Arctic, Americans need to send a message loud and clear that we won’t stand for another catastrophic oil spill


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