If warming caused these floods, why didn’t warmists predict them? by Andrew Bolt in the HeraldSun.Com

Global warming activists like me are extremists according to this post. This guy argues and tillts in the wind. There is a surmounting tide of naysayers. This is the kind of argument that is spewed each day against global warming as Queensland literally drowns while we argue.

posted by Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 01:45pm

A word to the global warming extremists who now claim that these floods in south-eastern Queensland are proof of man-made warming.

Two years ago Queensland’s warmist Office of Climate Change issued this report on what the state should expect from global warming, and not once did it mention floods. It did predict a slight increase in “extreme” weather events in the north, but not in the south of the state where the worst floods have occurred. Elsewhere it has warned of a slight increase in rainfall during extreme events, but overall it predicted less rain, and not these months of more.

Some excerpts:

A significant decline in the frequency of extreme rainfall events has been observed along Australia’s east coast. However, the proportion of total rain falling as extreme events has increased slightly. While these trends are due in part to the natural variability of the global climate system, in particular the fluctuations in the frequency of El Niño and La Niña events, anthropogenic influences are also contributing factors…

As a result of global warming, droughts in Australia are likely to be more severe— not only due to rising temperature, but also due to increased evaporation…

Rainfall has decreased across large areas of Queensland … Rainfall is projected to decline up to 10 per cent by 2050 under the influence of climate change…

In addition to projected changes to the average rainfall over time, the frequency of wet days will decrease and the frequency of dry days will increase… In the north of the state, extreme rainfall events are projected to increase in all seasons, with the
largest increase in the far north in autumn (six per cent increase). Along the southern Queensland coast, the projected changes in extreme precipitation are small …

hauntingthelibrary sums up:

Report: “drought” mentioned 24 times…

Report: “flood” mentioned zero times.

You have to wonder, if the possibility of a flood didn’t even get a mention in the official Queensland government’s climate change report, how much preparation did they put in to preparing for one?

And, of course, after issuing a report warning repeatedly that global warming would give Queensland more and longer droughts, the heavens promptly opened and gave Queensland two years of good rain, including one of too much:

Incidentally, can you detect in that graphic any evidence at all that man’s rising emissions have caused the climate to shift?

(Thanks to reader Steve.)


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