Martial Eagle of Africa

I am blown away by some of the birds I saw in some of the Eastern Africa National Parks.

Suffice it to say I saw a lot and birds of prey infatuated me.

I saw vultures…in some places they were among the most populoous birds I saw. I also saw birds of prey I did not count on, among them was a species called, Martial Eagle.

I saw them in Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park. This is a large and truly impressive bird that is large enough to prey on small livestock and apes.

This bird is despised by the Masai tribes, a pastoralist tribe that use the land in Serengeti National Park, as the Masai gos so gos the Martial Eagle, a bird that can escape Masai warriors but if this impressive eagle does not escape the Masai its day may be numbered like so many of predators that survive today.


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