What Is Out There In Wild Country To Find

I have spent 30 plus years viewing up closely black bear habitat here is a tidbit:
4 falls ago I saw a Douglas Fir with 90 plus black bear scats under it (at base of tree) my guess is that the bear was not a large bear and could have been a mother with a yearling, (I found two different sizes of small bear scats under the tree.) Latrines for bears are not common.

My guess was that the bears were not bedding near the scats and that I was looking at the latrine for these bears. There were other large trees and insect grubs nearby so there was plenty of food for the bears to eat. Less than half a mile away was a clear stream, perfect for bears. Just uphill from there I saw the tracks of a mother blackbear and yealing in snow probably looking for a densite (no food) for those two so that is a guess on my part.

I can only say it was denning time for female bears with young

I was sure fascinated by the things I saw, including the bear latrine in the middle of nowhere.


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