Ants And E.O. Wilson

No dramatic things to report in the global climate change world. I am sure sea levels are rising, temperatures are increasing, beetles are raveging pines and weather is becoming unpredictable by the day…but I am hardpressed to report anymore about those things for now and yes as I get things I will keep you posted in this climate changing world..So I have limited my disabled world to reading E.O. Wilson’s (a hero of mine) book, Anthill (this ecologist has written over 20 books).

I did see several ant researchers down in Costa Rica, in fact one evening I was on the path back to my cabin on a trail that I almost tripped on collared peccary the night before and I was thinking about 2 different species of venomous snake that come out (more commonly) after dark, when I almost tripped over an ant researcher; a young gal from China who turned her headlamp off temporarily to better hear what turned out to be me.

I would have learned more about ants but her English was real bad and I had no Chinese language abilities so I thought about E.O. Wilson and US ants that I am sure were much like their Costa Rican counterpars.


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