Christmas Bird Counts And Global Climate Change

I have been on over 20 Christmas Bird Counts and again this year in Bozeman, Montana there were some interesting results

We were in a circle Northwest of Bozeman and we saw a lot of Rough-legged Hawks, Bald Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks.

We did not see Prairie Falcons, but they were seen North of Bozeman and I have seen 2 since the Christmas Count. Goshwks were seen near Bozeman and so was the Merlin; a hunter at my complex.

Neat songbirds were seen; incliding the Common Redpoll. Two years ago it seemed that White-winged Crossbills seemed to be everywhere. Their preffered spruce seeds were everywhere…none sited this year on the count…but Evening Grosbeaks were seen and so were Pine Grosbeaks.

My guess is that climate change will change the use patterns of some of these species over the next decade.

Some of thesee birds will not be on this count in the future…we shall see.

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