Dr. No, How Oklahoma Politicians Can Run Roughshod Over The Politics Of States That They Do Not Live In

I read an article yesterday in a magazine called the High Country News entitled Dr. No. The article was basically about how US Senators Coburn and Inhoffe from Oklahoma run roughshood over politics from the west.

My first thought is that Coburn and Inhoffe are nothing like US Senator Jon Tester and US Senator Max Baucus, both moderate Democrats, from Montana.

Tester and Baucus are really not far right wing politicians like Inhoffe and Coburn, both the primary global warming naysayers in the US Congress.

Because states like Montana have so much public land, senators like Coburn and Inhoffe have an inordinate amount of power in the politics of states like Montana that Coburn and Inhoffe live 800 miles from.

This is a broken political system and this article gives you insite as to why.

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