Colors In Nature; A Great Attraction

The first time I saw brilliant colors in nature I saw the breeding plummage of American Goldfinches as a flock flew by as if flying on a roller coaster while singing a song that sounded like they were singing potato chip. I recall vividly close to were I saw the goldfinch I saw a brilliant male Prothonatary Warbler in a marsh near the C and O Canal…not a National Park back then. Both of these birds were largely brilliant yellow in color.

Then I remember seeing the brilliant blue Indigo Bunting near Antietam Civil War Battlefield National Park in Maryland. Near this bird I saw the brilliant Scarlet Tanager in the top of an oak tree. I saw both birds in Spring. There were more colrful birds I saw from my teen years to my years as a young adult. I especially remember the Painted Bunting, Blackburnian Warbler, Northern Oriole and the Western Tanager.

Then as a middle aged adult I remember sporting a snorkle and seeing glimpses of a vibrant undersea world that include Golden Tangs and Yellow-headed Gobis.

I recall that I saw Crimson McCaws and large bright blue Morpho Butterflies and in North America I first saw pink Greater Flamingos…out in nature so many bright colors over the years, these colors especially stood out when outlined by drab habitats or dark greens where these species preferred foods were often found.

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