Raptors, A First Cut

I first cut hawks by seperating them into eagleformes (3 species around Bozeman, Montana-near Yellowstone National Park; one eagleforme-the Osprey only occurs near here in th summer), large size; buteoformes (4 species seen near here; the Rough-legged is here in winter). Buteoformes are gliders that tend to be in open country and the most common of hawks with broad wings, tend to glide in circles; harrierformes (1 species)-have heavy diehedral shape and tend to tilt or rock as they fly fly near the ground; accipiterformes (3 species around here), tend to have broad, short, stubby wings for chasing birds and quick maneuverability in the forest where they fly the most. Then there is falconformes (4 to 5 species; the Gyr Falcon is occasionally here), skinny winged, fast flyers of open country…that is just for starters.


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