Tanzanian government’s Environmental and Social Impact Study

I was going to write about a book I am reading entittled, Anthill, by E.O. Wilson; fascinating novel with a large number of human analogies. I got sidetracked by this cause; something I really care about at a time where caring does not matter much, anymore. At first I think ants are more brutal than humans then I think about Attilla the Hun, the Holocaust, Stalin’s World War ll brutalizm on his own people, Azetecs, warfare video games and so forth. Humans are as brutal as ants.

The document is some 600 pages in length, divided into six downloadable sections. There is an executive summary in the first section.

If you have expertise in conservation biology, road impacts, or similar areas, it would be valuable to have your comments. You can post them at the bottom of the web page where the links are found in the discussion area. Or email them to:


Anyone can go to our Facebook page (Stop the Serengeti Highway) and comment as well.

One of the revelations of the study is the sheer volume of traffic expected – 800 vehicles a day by 2015 (one every two minutes) and 3,000 a day by 2035 (one every 30 seconds)! These figures are damning enough and should dispel any illusion that the highway will not be paved.

Another revelation – that the highway will give a “boost to tourism,” a huge miscalculation that neither the consultants nor the government seem to appreciate at the moment.


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