A Dinosaur Connection

I look at my screensaver and I see Smooth-billed Anis from Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Southern, Florida. They look prehistoric and are black, like blackbirds. I used to see them about every third day for 2 years. They would glide from roost to roost along a canal that greeted you as you entered that portion of the refuge. The birds were usually in the first mile of that trail; a trail I used to call the flaest trail I evr hiked.

I saw Groove-billed Anis near Corpus Christi, Texas. They also looked prehistoric.To see those birds I went on the trail system in Hazel Basemore County Park and put up with serious mosquito bites and saw the birds roosting back in a marsh. Pecarry tracks were near the roosting birds that seemed to pay no attention to our approach for better looks.

I can see in Anis the relation of dinosaurs to birds.


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