These Were Not Adventures But South Texas Has Many Good Birds To View

I went down to Texas to birdwatch 3 times and I would highly recommend the trips I took to other birdwatchers…You might think about going there now because where you bird is in the heart of the border drug wars that seem to have a Mexican basis…be careful.

I saw nesting Gray Hawks and Mississippi Kites at Anzaldouses Park. I saw Hook-billed Kites, Tropical Parula Warblers and Clay-colored Thrushes in Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges, down the road at a working ranch called El Cannillo I saw a Ferugenous Pygmy Owl.

About 200 miles away in Big Bend National Park I saw a nesting Common Black Hawk and a gliding Harlans Hawk.

I lead a 4 week hawk watch at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. It was otherwordly…

Texas is great for birdwatching and I saw a lot of birds while down there…many of the birds I saw were life birds…but make sure if you like to birdwatch…to go down there.


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