More Information On Owls and Bears

This is a continuation of yesterdays topic.

We were birding at back then Rio Grande Bensten State Park. One evening in a parking lot full of birders we saw in a hole, but he showed himself, an Elf Owl. That same evening we saw an Eastern Screech Owl. Near the Rio Grande. Two nights later, much further West, we called in a Western Screech Owl. My friend used his voice to call the latter bird.

On another topic for twenty plus summers I remember hiking in then out of a camp I made, usually on the weekeds. Often on these hikes I would see fresh grizzly tracks on the trail. I felt the hairs go up on the back of my neck. At times I would see a grizzly ahead on the trail. The bear could hear me but did not know where I was. Then I would make a bunch of loud noise and act as though I did not know the bear was out in full view on the trail…I had some tense moments, thinking I was going to be charged, but I never was..I am a lucky soul… LUCKY but loud…scares bears on the trail.


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