Other Wildlife In Cape Churchill, Manitoba

I for the first time went to see polar bears at Churchill, Manitoba in the late fall of 1991.
I saw some other neat wildlife while their.
There were arctic foxes near the polar bears.
I saw Snowy Owl, just out of Churchhill.
I saw Willow Ptarmigan in willows of the tundra, they seemed to keep a wary eye on the artic fox.
Near forest boundaries I saw Common and Hoary Redpolls.
Along the Hudson Bay coastline, above the granitic rock of Canadian Shield, were flocks of Snow Bunting and Smith’s Longspur.
Where the ice was not building up in the waters of bays along the larger coastline of the Hudsons Bay were Common Eiders.
Gyrfalcon were near the grainery in town, outside of town near the parking lot of the Northern Studies Center…we saw a lot of wildlife on that trip that was not polar bears and this wildlife preoccupied our time…I sure watched it and enjoyed the other non polar bear wildlife a lot.
What brought all of this on was the large meadow behind the complex where I live reminds me of open areas around Cape Churchill, Manitoba.


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