Old National Geographic Magazines

This morning I did what a lot of people have done and looked over a bunch of “old” National Geographic magazines and I am glad I did.

The magazines dated back to 2008 and I reminded myself that was 3 years ago.

There were articles about a drying west, endless droughts and potential wildfire around places like Los Angelas.

How about the “murder” (their word) of a mountain gorilla family in Volcanos National Park-Rwanda.

In 2010 they formed a conservation group around the big cats of the world…the first species to be featured is the African Lion. I went to the hut of Masai pastoralists and to this day they (Masai) would kill a lion on site if it came into their village.

Fortunately lions are very territorial and will stay as long as there is food in places like Serengeti National Park.

Sadder still is we may have as few as 4,000 tigers left in the worlds shrinking wildlands…to put that into perspective scientists think there may be 6,000 snow leopards, left. This is an animal that hangs on because it uses rugged mountainous habitat…what allows tigers to hang on is the protection of wildlands that protect some space and food for tigers…the National Geographic I was reading was less than a year old…thats not much…and that is the way the ball is bouncing these days.


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