Revising Persons In History!!!!

This is a bone to Pick post but when the right wing extremests (far right) were giving accolades to President Ronald Regan certain persons whom I have a lot of respect for kept saying how bad Regan was on a lot of things not once did I hear about Regans attack on the environment afterall Regan gave us Watt who was about as bad as you can get for an Interior secratary. Regan was hugely bad on environmental issues and then W. came along with is sidekick Cheney and the two of them redefined the word bad.
Back to Regan. He gave us Watt but when Watt got to be to loud on anti-environentalizm Regan gave us Clark, than Hoadel and they might have been more quiet than Watt but you do not want these two any more than you want Watt with the decision making that often lands in the Secratary of Interiors lap. The revisionizm is food for the right wing but makes me even more concerned as the worm turns…


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