The Montana Governor and Wolves

I feel myself heating up as I think…so count this as another bone to pick post and I actually like the Montana Governor on most things, but not on the topic of wolves.

I see the Governor of this state taking the law into his hands and wanting to use the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks as his toy.

You know over the years, and they now seem to pile up, I have seen enough in politics to frusterate me to know end and even though I am not a Governor of a state I stay within the law and I especially want my states politicians to stay within the law and it pisses me off to know end that our Govenor is playing fast and loose with the law and is trying to use this states lead wildlife agency, like a political chess piece on a board, and kill wolves until enough ranchers are happy and enough hunters are happy also…Now I am degreed in wildlife from Montana institutions so I know wolves look cool but they are efficient elk killers…well I have sat back and watched wolves kill elk.

Bucking the Endangered Species Act and taking the law into your hands, the way our governor wants to, is no way to solve what is a very real conumdrum…just shooting wolves wil not make the wolf topic go away in Montana. So lets sit down with the Feds and see if this can be resolved as a problem. I will bet the Feds and this state come up with a plan and the plan is apolitical and the Montana Gov and Secretary of Interior Salazar are relegated by lead wildlife agencies to sit on the sidelines. Thats probably good!!!!!


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