NRDC Action Alert in BioGems

The Hoback is a place that is wildlife full and no place to put a natural gas field. This gas field will compromize the Hobacks wildlife values, which are unique in North America.
Dear Matthew,
We need your help to save grizzly habitat in the Bridger-Teton National Forest from being industrialized and destroyed!

Tell Forest Service officials to reject plans to build a natural gas field in the Upper Hoback Basin of western Wyoming, an area of critical importance to Yellowstone’s threatened grizzly bears.

In the past decades, the grizzly bear has seen its habitat shrink and its major food source disappear, as whitebark pine forests collapsed from an unprecedented, climate-driven beetle outbreak. The industrialization of this rugged stretch of Wyoming could be catastrophic for imperiled grizzlies.

Located less than 50 miles from Grand Teton National Park, the Upper Hoback Basin also provides habitat for wolves, moose, elk, pronghorn antelope and native cutthroat trout. It sits at the headwaters of the wild and scenic Hoback River, a tributary of the majestic Snake River, one of the most important river systems in the country.

But if a Texas-based oil and gas company gets its way, this pristine area will soon be turned into a giant industrial zone. They are proposing to drill 136 wells on 17 well pads and build 30 miles of industrial roads and pipelines.

Furthermore, they want to use the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, which has already been associated with the contamination of groundwater supplies in several other states.

If this disastrous project is approved, it would destroy critical wildlife habitat and potentially pollute one of the major headwaters of the West.

Please send a message to Forest Service officials today, urging them to save this sanctuary for grizzlies and other wildlife by keeping gas drilling out of the Upper Hoback Basin.

Thank you for taking action to save Wyoming’s last wildlife and wild places.


Peter Lehner
Executive Director
Natural Resource Defense Council


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