The Sounds Of Nature

I hear the song, Sounds of Silence, by Simon and Garfnkle and I think of the sounds of nature.

I think of a CD I have of song by a Plains Indian tribe…Blackfeet or Souix, with the backdrop of an Indian Flute and a thunderstorm. Then I think of a spring and summer, very musical Western Meadowlark as it sits on top of a Wyoming Sage and sings its melodious breeding song on a western prairie in the spring somewhere.

Then I think of the loud chirping of treefrogs, in spring, along te Brazos River in southern Texas. I have heard the raspy call of a Red-tailed Hawk warning me on a great meadow in the spring.

Or elk barking and moose grunting in the fall…or black bear’s woofing and chomping and clacking their teeth to warn you that you are too close.

How about the sounds of several million cicadas in deciduous trees in the east…ah, the sounds of nature…



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