Hot Spots For Birds

I feel a need to comment on Peter Dunne’s article in this months edition of WildBirds magazine so here goes…

I feel strongly that Sandhill Crane migration, in Mid-March, along Nebraska’s Platte River is a must for birders. The only thing it compares with is the wildebeast migration in the Serengeti Planes of Africa. Migratory events are becoming rare in the world now. I have never been down to the Great Salt Lake to see shorebirds in July…I think of a lot of heat in Salt Lake in July…but after Dunnes article I am going to try to make that destination along with the Yuba Pass destination near Reno, Nevada (another place I have not been).

I have been to the seas (rough) in the North Pacific Ocean South of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, I would call this a birdy area that has the likelyhood of scaring up a rare migrant from Asia; a bird that has flown off course.

Finally I have to mention Southern Texas, a birding Mecca, South Florida, where there is habitat that has not been invaded by exotics, like parts of the Everglades, or buildings (most of South Florida), and Southern Arizon near Tucson, Park City and the very hot Chirichua’s.

Follow Dunne’s article…you cant go wrong.


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