Not Birds In Costa Rica

I went to Costa Rica in 2006 primarily to watch birds but I did see some very fine wildlife forms that were not birds

I saw several species of bats but it was too dark to determine what I was looking at but I have some suspicions.

I saw several species of insect but did not key the species (E.O. Wilson would not be happy with me)

I saw a Bairds Tapir in Corcovado National Park and a Coati Mundi and White lipped Peccary in the same spot where I saw the tapir.

I saw Howler, White Faced, Spider and Squirrel Monkey, primarily at a place called La Selva, a Duke University Biological Station.

2 and 3 Toed Tree Sloths were at La Selva hanging in the trees their.

Lots of tame (or so it seemed) Collared Peccarry’s.

1,000 pound American Crocodile. Several White Caimen.

The tracks of several mammals including the rare Jaguar (near where I saw the tapir-same water hole).

I saw a lot of bids and recorded all that I saw…


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