We Are Near A Tipping Point

I have repeatedly said I feel that global climate change is a human caused phenomina, at least in some respects. I firmly believe human habits cause the quick increases we see as our climate changes.

I have frequently mentioned we are near a tipping point (read Malcom Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point) on this changing climate and I have learned it works to repeat a concept, so here goes.

What I mean, as we get to a point negative things happen in spite of what we do, and that means we are at a tipping point.

I see us as near the tipping point on a few things as it relates to a changing climate and I mean things that were a direct result of human behavior are now at their tipping point!!!!!!!An example that directly impacts my small little world would be pine bark beetle infestatons of all pine trees…huge in my backyard and probably exacerbated by our use of fossil fuels and now it happens in spite of what we do (tipping point).


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