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More relevent information about climate change. Worth a read.

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Another recent poll confirms that in this country public concerns about climate alteration continues to decline and is nearing its all-time low. In U.S., concerns about global warming stable at lower levels, Gallup, March 14, 2011. About half of Americans now say they worry a great deal or even a fair amount about the problem, compared to two-thirds of Americans just three years ago. Fewer people believe that the climate is already changing than did at any point in the last decade, and many doubt that there ever will be effects. Yet people profess to understand the issue better than ever – with 80 percent of those polled claiming they understood climate change “very well” or “fairly well.”

The Gallup poll, as have others, shows that the decline in acceptance of human-caused climate change results from a new, stronger partisan polarization on this issue. On four questions, Democrats show more concern than Republicans by 30 points or more.

So what do we do? At RMCO, we think the answer is more of what we’ve already been trying to do. Bring people with different viewpoints together to identify actions they all can support. Enlist as spokesmen unusual messengers as well as usual suspects. Focus on local impacts that matter to people – especially effects on western water supplies. And keep plugging.


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