Eating Dust Again; Something We Do Not Have To Do

In todaysl local paper, stuffed away in section D; a section entitled Economy, is an article entitled, Okla. sees driest 4 month period since the Dust Bowl-era. The article is very telling and a good example of what is happening on the ground as a result of global warming.

What is telling about this article is that the article identifies a problem that is happening now as a result of a warming planet and not once does this article mention that our planet is warming.

Here is what the article mentions:

Where there was rain cloud there are now wildfire clouds that result from a severe drought. Neighboring states will be a part of this dynamic also. This article goes on to say that the drought is so severe that farmers who grow wheat are thiking of plowing their wheat under and planting a new crop in the wheat’s place.

Wildfire and water shortages will be the new norm for many of our current breadbasket states.

Our only way out of the oncoming mess that this article touches on is to change our habits and plan for the major dislocations that spread over a large area that the processes described in this article will cause.


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