An Ad Opposing The Pebble Creek Mine Proposal in Alaska

An affordable way to maybe wipe out one of the worst ideas on this globe. Its worth a try, affordable, and this is a worthwhile Earth Day Activity…

Dear Matthew,

We need only $10,000 more to run our hard-hitting ad on Earth Day and stop plans for a toxic mega-mine in an earthquake zone. Please chip in whatever you can to stand with Robert Redford and alert millions of Americans to this corporate madness. Even $10 will make a big difference. Thank you.

Join Robert Redford in Saying NO to Putting a Toxic Mega-Mine in an Earthquake Zone

Help run this hard-hitting ad in the national New York Times and spark an Earth Day outcry against mining giants who would destroy one of America’s last and greatest wild places.

Please chip in $10 or more now.

Dear Matthew,

Are they crazy?

Corporate giants are planning to put a toxic mega-mine — with colossal dams holding back an estimated 10 billion tons of contaminated mining waste — in the heart of an American wilderness and active earthquake zone.

This Earth Day, please help Robert Redford and NRDC rally the American people against this corporate madness.

We have a powerful, full-page print ad ready to go. It features Robert Redford’s very moving and personal call to arms against building the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska — a plan he rightly calls “an environmental tragedy waiting to happen.”

Click here to read the full text of our ad. Then please help us run it in the national edition of The New York Times on Earth Day.

We need to raise $70,000 right away to get this ad placed next week and spark nationwide opposition to this outrageous attack on an American paradise by the Anglo American and Rio Tinto corporations.

We will reach our goal in just 24 hours if a few thousand supporters like you each make a small tax-deductible donation. Will you help get us there?

Here’s one great reason to believe that your donation and our ad can make a big difference: We just learned that the Mitsubishi Corporation has ended its participation in the Pebble Mine project!

Less than one year ago, NRDC delivered 100,000 Petitions from activists like you to Mitsubishi executives in Tokyo — and urged them to withdraw from this disaster in the making. In February, they did the right thing by ending their involvement.

It’s time for Anglo American and Rio Tinto to follow suit. And you can help make it happen by running Robert Redford’s hard-hitting message in The New York Times next week.

We’re waging this international campaign on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, Thursday, we’re running a full-page ad in the Financial Times of London, alerting the British people to Rio Tinto’s role in the Pebble Mine, just as the company’s shareholders gather for their annual meeting.

But we’re counting on you to help get Robert Redford’s message to the American people on Earth Day and expose the madness of the proposed Pebble Mine.

Don’t let two mining giants take a catastrophic risk with one of our last and greatest wild places. Help us strike a blow for environmental sanity by exposing their plans on Earth Day. Thank you.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

P.S. As our ad makes clear, both these companies have histories littered with pollution disasters. Help sound the alarm about this deadly threat to an American paradise.


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