An Equally Bad Idea; Not The Pebble Creek Mine…How You Can Help.

Next to Alaska’s proposed Pebble Creek Mine is another luming disator…a proposed highway accross the vast Serengeti Planes.

When I first saw this I thought April Fools Knowone could be this stupid…but the joke was on me and the plan is for a super highway across the Savanahs of the Serengeti.

Well I am not one to plug Disney Nature anything but the Disney Folks are showing a film featuring lions and cheetahs that was shot in the Masai-Mara-Kenya portion of the Serngeti and the bottom line of the film is that it portends to help one understand the importance of savanah of which the Serengeti is the finest example left in the world.

The film will be released on Earth Day and we are talking Disney’s version of nature.

I have seen the trailor to this film and I can say it looks like a must see to me…so get your popcorn and check out this movie after you participate in one of the days many cleanups…see you there.


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