Places I Like For Birds

Two areas in North America that are excellent for warbler watching are the C and O Canal along it’s entire length and the Sabine Woods along the gulf coast of North America. Both areas are migration habitats. There are many other good areas for warblers but the two I mention are among the best.

If you are looking for shorebirds you cannot go wrong with Snake Bite, in the Florida Everglades. You might go to Bolivar Flats in the Texas portion of the gulf coast.

If you are looking for waterfowl I would look in the “headwaters” around Yellowstone National Park during the migrations or look at the wildlife refuges during the migrations along the known flyways of North America.

Two areas I like for gulls are Santa Cruz, California and Hoboken, New Jersey.
For Raptors I like Bensten Rio Grande County Park in Texas and nearby where I live, the Bridger Ridge.

For sparrows I like Southern Florida and Annuac National Wildlife Refuge in Texas.

For birdy places in the US to visit I would go to Cape May New Jersey, Dauphin Island, Alabama, Santa Anna National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, Point Reyes, California, most of Southwestern and Western Alaska along the coast.

Its spring migration and their is good birdng all throughout North America.


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