Carrion Eating Bears…Its Spring-Go Figure

I cannot access the Jackson Hole news site but I have several observations about todays relocating of a livestock carrion eating bear West of Togatee pass mentioned in their news:

Bears have been in that area for several thousand years, livestock have been there, in the same area, for about 100 years…bears are going to eat any carrion they find.

The area has a tradition of livestock preying grizzly bears that dates back to the earliest livestock put in the area.

The bear was relocated to remote country behind Dubois, Wyoming…its remote back there but it will take the bear 1 or 2 days to find livestock…my guess is that the biologist hopes the bear gets sidetracked on a different food…I think the bear will see a lot of snow and may, if lucky, stumble on a elk carcass or a dead moose, enroute to the area the bears familiar with…or perhaps, the bear is an amorous male…one scenario is that his mate will eat livestock carrion also…in any event I see one lucky bear or a bear set up to fail..we will see.


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