Tar Sands

This Is Real Bad News. Give A Hand Write A Letter.
Please send a message urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to reject a Bush-era rule that would give away our western wildlands to Big Oil.

NRDC went to court to challenge that rule, and Salazar has agreed to give the American public an opportunity to weigh in on the future of oil shale and tar sands development in the West.

He needs to hear from environmentally concerned people like you!

Oil shale development uses massive amounts of energy to heat underground shale rock at extreme temperatures in order to turn it into a liquid fuel. Tar sands production involves extraction of heavy oil mixed with sand and clay.

Both processes generate two to three times the amount of global warming pollution as conventional fuel production and waste enormous amounts of clean water — a scarce resource in the arid West.

The extraction and mining of these dirty fuels would also leave behind giant toxic waste sites, driving mountain lions, black bears, sage-grouse and bald eagles from their western habitats.

Your input is critical if we are to stop oil shale and tar sands development in more than two million acres of wildlands in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Send a message right now to Secretary Salazar, asking him to reject the Bush-era rule and issue new regulations that will protect our western lands from dirty fuels development.

Thanks for taking action to save our last wild places.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council


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