Nevada Black Bear Hunt Argument Continues

I included this because I have an aunt and cousin involoved in this.
Reno, Nev. — It’s been a hot topic for more than six months, and now the group opposing the first legal bear hunt in Nevada is making their appeal.

The argument over the first black bear hunt in the state is not over yet.

At the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Commissioner Meeting, the group from “” said the board did not inform the public properly and they want the bear hunt to be postponed until further research can be presented.

But chairman for the department, Scott Raine disagrees, “Our council has stated repeatedly that we have complied with every law, every rule, every regulation out there.”

The board decided to not hear the petition from the group today, and now that group will take their compliant to the District Court.

“We fully expected the commission to deny the petition,” said Christine Schwamerger, attorney for, “This is no surprise.”

In the petition, the group’s main complaints were the commissioner did not consider the effects of a bear hunt on Lake Tahoe’s economic status, and how a bear hunt could affect tourism.

Residents said they’re also concerned with the population of the bears. But Chris Healy from the department said after research, they found about 200-300 bears live in the Tahoe region.

“If this bear hunt takes place, we will actually have fewer animals killed in a hunt than would be killed in a normal year,” said Healy.

And he said that a bear hunt can sustain that population. He also added in Lake Tahoe, bears have been a problem.

“One of the most unfortunate symbols of the bears in Lake Tahoe has been the bears in the garbage can,” said Healy. “Because the people of the Tahoe Region have helped create this problem by not taking care of the trash.”

Healy also added before the bear hunt was passed, Nevada was one of the only states without a bear hunt.

The attorney for the group “” said she will be filing the complaint with the District Court in Carson City as soon as possible, and she hopes the process will be expedited.


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