Thoughts I Had

I need to write about several things.

First of all two hikers yestrday, hiking south of Bozeman, Montana, were mauled by a grizzly bear. The thing I observed that this was the closest grizzly bear mauling to Bozeman recorded in the modern press. Their are a lot of reasons for this to happen but the recovered Yellowstone Grizzly advocates will be quick to say that this is an artifact of an expanding Yellowstone grizzly population. I can remember seeing grizzly sign in the drainaige where the mauling happened 25 years ago.

I got 2nd degree burns on my face in Yellowstone National Park the other day.

Today persons from this complex are headed down to Yellowstone National Park to beat the hoards of summer RV’s and people to tour the park.

You know I really enjoyed what Passed for an adult life for me, but the other day while sitting in the sun in Gardner, Montana I saw a flyfishing shop owned by an old friend and I could not help but think that was an awesome living for this area also.


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